Anglo Celt | News Headlines Latest from the online edition en-gb Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:25:08 +0000 Copyright (C) 2015 Celtic Media Group 76 Anglo Celt | News Headlines Cat shot with 'screw' in Cavan Town A cat has been shot with a 'screw', believed to have been fired from a modified air-rifle or nail-gun in the latest in a string of sickening and vicious attacks against animals in the Cavan area.

The t only came to the owner's attention when the household pet returned home on Wednesday last (August 21) and the spike of metal screw was found embedded in the cat's shoulder.

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Celt staff face vote on Ice Bucket Challenge The Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon that's spreading ALS (Motor Neurone Disease) awareness across the world is to be adopted by journalists here at The Anglo-Celt. But its being left up to the readers to choose which one of them gets a bucket of ice water dumped on their head.

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The long wait is over - the Virginia Show is on today When friesians are having their hooves preened, regiments of ICA are out in force and there's a traffic jam on the Dublin Road it can only mean one thing - the Virginia Show is back.

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Irish water monitoring issues in Cavan Town Water authority Irish Water are monitoring water issues in Cavan Town and county, however, are calling on members of the public to inform them if issues regarding water quality arise in their local area.

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Sydney Rose has links to Inniskeen The Sydney Rose, Imelda Finnegan, will be interviewed by Daithí Ó Sé in the Dome tonight as she vies for the crown of the International Rose of Tralee. The interview with Imelda, who has roots in Inniskeen, Co Monaghan, will be televised on RTÉ One.

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Cavan and Monaghan clean up in IBAL litter survey The latest survey by business group Irish Business Against Litter shows that Cavan and Monaghan are both “Cleaner than European Norms”, and in 2nd and 8th position respectively in the ranking of 40 areas surveyed. Monaghan improved by 26 places on the previous result in 2013. In all, 75% of towns and cities were found to be as clean as or cleaner than their European counterparts. Kilkenny was again Ireland’s cleanest area.

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Oscar nod for Cavan man A Cavan film director is doing his best to keep the lid on his Oscar expectations despite his documentary claiming a top prize at one of the world’s most illustrious film festivals. There are two ways that a film can become an Academy Award contender - by having a week long screening in either New York or LA, or by winning an accredited International Film Festival. 

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Vets find 17 gun pellets in stray dog's head after savage attack Having located 17 gunshot pellets in his head, and a growth in its brain, veterinary surgeons felt they had no other option but to put down a Belturbet stray which melted the hearts of tens of thousands of pet-lovers online.

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€100K cannabis seizure by Kilnaleck gardai Paul Neilan

Gardai in Kilnaleck have uncovered a “substantial” amount of cannabis at a growhouse outside of the village.
At around 7am this morning gardai from Kilnaleck Garda Station raided a residential property at Coolkill around 500 metres down the turn off after the Garda station.
The find was of cannabis plants and Gardai at Kilnaleck arrested a 29-year-old Polish man following the discovery, which, gardai say, has an estimated “approximate street value of €100,000”. The discovery was made after a planned search based on local Garda intelligence.
The man arrested at the scene is currently detained at Cavan Garda Station under Section 2 Criminal Justice Act (Drug Traffiking) 1996. Also discovered were growhouse equipment and other paraphenalia.
The scene was preserved for technical examination until around 2pm today.
“These operations use advanced analytical and intelligence methods to disrupt criminals and dismantle their networks. Drug seizures play a critical role in targeting the livelihood of criminals and reducing their ability to carry out illegal activities. Drug seizures also help protect communities from the devastating impact of drugs and the associated criminality,” said a Garda spokesperson.

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Cardinal Brady 'looking forward' to retirement Cardinal Sean Brady has tendered his resignation to Pope Francis in advance of his 75th birthday tomorrow (Saturday, August 16) and says he is ‘looking forward to the day’ when it is accepted.

However, a victim of clerical abuse says to allow Dr Brady to retire without sanction over his role in the Fr Brendan Smyth abuse would be part of a “cover up”.

The resignation letter is in accordance with Canon Law [church law] ahead of his 75th year.

The Archbishop of Armagh Diocese Dr Brady’s statement, who faced criticism over his role in the Church’s handling of abuse claims against paedophile priest Fr Smyth, comes after clerical sexual abuse victims called on Pope Francis to accept his resignation immediately.

In a statement this morning (Friday, August 16), the Primate of All Ireland and canon lawyer said he offered his resignation to the pope last month with the ‘anticipation’ his birthday.

“I look forward to the day when my resignation will be accepted and when Archbishop Eamon will take over as Archbishop, a position for which, I believe, he is excellently prepared,” he said.

“Last month I offered my resignation to Pope Francis in accordance with the requirement of Canon Law. I did so in anticipation of my seventy-fifth birthday which I will celebrate tomorrow.”

Dr Brady said that as soon as Pope Francis accepts his resignation Archbishop Martin will become Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland.

“Archbishop Eamon has been warmly welcomed into the diocese. He has worked tirelessly in getting to know its priests, religious and lay faithful, as well as by becoming involved in every aspect of the life of the Church in Armagh and beyond,” he said.

The cardinal had been heavily criticised over the handling of the Brendan Smyth child abuse affair in which Dr Brady received reports of the abuse and passed them on in confidence to church hierarchy.

One of Smyth’s victims, Brendan Boland, recently published a book on the ordeal called Sworn to Silence, which contains the handwritten record of the oath sworn by the then 14-year-old Mr Boland to keep the inquiry secret.

In 2012, Dr Brady apologised “without hesitation” to Mr Boland for the abuse he suffered at the hands of Smyth.

To allow Dr Brady “retire naturally as if he did nothing wrong is part of the cover-up” of his role in the Smyth saga, Brendan Boland said.

A church spokeswoman said Dr Brady was not aware of a Garda investigation in the mid-1990s into the activities of Fr Smyth. “If he had been approached by the gardaí he would have made a statement.”

Mr Boland, however, said he has no desire to meet Dr Brady. “It’s not going to happen. I’d feel like an altar boy again. He would control everything. I don’t want him to be in control anymore.”

At the time of the inquiry into Smyth's abuse back in 1975 Dr Brady was a 36-year-old canon lawyer, a teacher at St Patrick’s College in Cavan town and part-time secretary to then Bishop of Kilmore, Francis McKiernan, who appointed him to the inquiry.

Smyth was jailed in Belfast in 1994 for abuse of children perpetrated in the North in the 1980s. In 1997 he was jailed in the Republic and died later that year. He abused children over a 40-year period.

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Lisa and Leona to Duke it out in the Ivy Leagues Paul Neilan

Golfing twins Lisa and Leona Maguire (17) are off to the US on a prestigious scholarship from an Ivy League college after their Leaving Cert results on Wednesday (August 13).

The Ballyconnell girls, who have long made waves on the international golf scene, will jet out to Duke University in North Carolina tomorrow (Friday, August 15) on a scholarship from the top collegiate golfing team in America.
Delighted mother Breda told The Anglo-Celt:
“Declan and I are absolutely thrilled because they both worked so hard, we’re delighted that the work has paid off.”
Lisa earned 600 points and Leona 615 in a year that saw the girls put golf second to concentrate on their studies.
“They go on a scholarship to Duke to pursue their academic studies, play collegiate golf and leave tomorrow for their first semester, taking their Leaving Certs with them. Duke is number one for collegiate golf and has a great golf team while also being an Ivy League, which would have the highest academic standards.
“We’re very grateful for all the support we received from Loreto, from former principal Margaret Donagh, Principal Angela McGarvey for the last seven years in which they were allowed to pursue their studies in Loreto and in golf as well, thanks to them and to all the teachers for their support.”

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Carrigallen miracle mule produces a foal Generally considered to be sterile, a Carrigallen mule has given birth to a rare foal - known as a ‘molly’. 

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HSE silenced on baby death report The HSE has been temporarily prevented from publishing a report following the investigation into the death of a baby boy, following child birth at Cavan General Hospital in November 2012.

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Schools pleased Leaving Cert results out today Early indications are that the local schools are pleased with their Leaving Certs scores as more than 1,600 students in Cavan and Monaghan opened their exams results this morning. 

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‘No evidence’ that fracking is safe – Love Leitrim rally told
Armed with a report by New York health professionals, an American anti-frack activist visited Cavan last week to deliver the message that there is no safe way to frack, and that community campaigns can work.

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Pressure now on Minister White after fracking test borehole rejected - Carthy The decision by the North's environment minister to deny a fracking company permission to drill a test borehole has now placed pressure on the Minister Alex White to put on record his position on fracking, according to a Sinn Féin MEP.

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Council refuse permission to wind turbine Cavan County Council has refused permission to a Cavan couple seeing to erect a single 80-metre high wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 82m, along with associated site works at Mountain Lodge in the east of the county.

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Russia food ban to ‘benefit no one’ - Lakeland chief While the agri-import ban introduced by Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to affect Ireland to the tune of just €8m, Lakeland Dairies CEO says the greatest issue will arise when EU food markets are flooded with cut-price surplus goods.

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Taste of Cavan feeds 40,000 Over 40,000 people flocked to County Cavan throughout the week-long programme of events as part of the Taste of Cavan Festival 2014 to officially make it one of the leading food exhibitions in the country.

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Durkan refuses Tamboran permission to drill borehole Anti-fracking campaigners have welcomed the decision by the North's Minister for the Environment to reject Tamboran’s proposals for exploratory drilling in the Cleggan Quarry in Belcoo.

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Myles, from home This week sees the commemorations of the Great War with a host of speakers, exhibitions, music, food events and more take place. Historian, broadcaster and author Myles Dungan returns to the county of his birth to compere, narrate and lecture. The Anglo-Celt’s PAUL NEILAN spoke to him about his Breffni connections, his extensive World War I work and his future project on a Cavan frontiersman in the Old West, 'Broken Hand’.

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Tens of thousands attending Taste of Cavan 2014 The Taste of Cavan Food Festival continues today (Saturday), August 9, at The Anglo-Celt marquee in the grounds of Cavan Institute on Cathedral Road. It comes to an end at 6pm this evening, by which times it's expected more than 40,000 will have filed through so sample the many magnificent tastes of Cavan...

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Final report in 2012 baby death received by HSE The HSE has confirmed it has recieved the Final Report in relation to an investigation carried out following the death of a baby boy at Cavan General Hospital following child birth over a year and a half ago.

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Palestinian solidarity rally in Cavan A Palestinian solidarity rally is set to take place in Cavan Town later today, Friday, August 8 at the Market Square from 5.30pm.

Following on from a series of international protest marches which took place in major cities around the world in recent weeks, the rally organisers say is an opportunity for local people to call for an end to the ongoing violence in Gaza.

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Department refuses to publish Fannin report The Department of Agriculture is refusing to divulge into what food-chain supposedly contaminated cattle went.
Last week, The Anglo-Celt reported on the aftermath of the case of Douglas Fannin who has a 200-acre farm in Drung.

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