Anglo Celt | News Headlines Latest from the online edition en-gb Sat, 26 Jul 2014 17:12:22 +0000 Copyright (C) 2014 Celtic Media Group 76 Anglo Celt | News Headlines Ten declared bankrupt so far this year in counties Cavan and Monaghan There have been ten bankruptcies in counties Cavan and Monaghan so far this year compared to 40 in all of Dublin with a population of 1.4m, according to the Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP) for Cavan, Mark Reilly, a partner in KBG Chartered Accountants. There have been none in Longford or Roscommon or Leitrim. Nationally, there were 164 bankruptcies so far this year with predictions that there should be around 400 in total by end of the year. 

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Hundreds turn out for protest as Tamboran move to drill a test borehole “It has happened,” says Blacklion GP Dr Carroll O’Dolan explaining the large turnout at a hastily convened anti-fracking protest on Monday evening. “And it is not something that might happen in Lancashire or might happen on video footage from Queensland or Alberta or Pennsylvannia - it’s happening in their own little townland, in their own village, in their own community. It is a physical reality of what we’ve been saying will come."

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Judge orders further autopsy tests in Cavan nanny trial Seamus Enright

A judge hearing an application in the first-degree murder case of Lavey-nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady (35) in Boston has given permission to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to carry out a series of tests on the body of baby Rehma Sabir to see of the child had suffered abuse prior to her death.
Middlesex Superior Court Judge Maureen B Hogan handed down her ruling last Wednesday on the application, which the Cavan woman’s defence have been pressing for some time.
Mrs McCarthy Brady’s legal team have been trying to gain access to baby Rehma’s remains, which are in the “sole and exclusive custody” of prosecutors for past 18 months, stating if properly examined it could uncover evidence, which could exonerate their client.
Attorneys Melinda Thompson and David Meier successfully argued in their memorandum in support of the post-autopsy procedure that they wished to take into account and conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation and examination “of all the medical evidence in the case, rather than perform a piece-meal review of individual items of evidence”.
Judge Hogan’s order allows for Dr Maria Cohen, a defence expert, to be present when the procedure takes place.
Baby Rehma (1) died on her birthday on January 14 last year. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy and ruled the cause of death as “blunt force head injuries” and the manner of death as “homicide” and “not accidental”, though a skeletal survey revealed “multiple old and healing fractures” to her spine, left forearm and left leg, some possibly as old as two months.
Ms McCarthy Brady, who was the child’s nanny, and living illegally in the US at the time, has been in custody since she was first arrested in connection with baby Rehma’s death.
She is currently detained without bail at Framington State Prison near the city of Boston and her trial is not expected to take place until October later this year.
A hearing on her legal team’s motion to suppress evidence in the case is scheduled for August 6.

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Granard Ulster Bank closure wont be reversed Sean McMahon in Granard

The closure of the Ulster Bank branch in Granard is going ahead at the end of November and, despite strong representations from a delegation of public representatives and local business people at a meeting with the regional manager yesterday morning (Tuesday) at the branch, the decision won’t be reversed.
In a statement to The Anglo-Celt, Ulster Bank confirmed that Granard branch is closing by the end of November 2014, with customers being transferred to the Longford branch. 
“We will also be writing directly to customers of that branch in the coming weeks to inform them of alternative branch locations in their area and the range of banking services available on their mobiles, online and via telephone. There will be no additional job losses as a result of this announcement,” added the statement.
When the members delegation came out from the 90-minute meeting with the Ulster Bank regional manager, Colm Furlong, they spoke to The Anglo-Celt.
Fine Gael Deputy, James Bannon, expressed his huge disappointment at the meeting about the decision of the management of Ulster Bank to move out of Granard. “They gave us no indication whatsoever that they would reverse their decision to move out of Granard. We expressed our annoyance on behalf of the business community, the elderly citizens and many other people living in the surrounding parishes of Granard who over the years have supported this branch. Three or four generations of people have supported this branch and people are feeling very annoyed that it is to close at the end of October/early November,” he said.


Deputy Bannon pointed out that the town of Granard has the cattle mart and people who don’t do a lot of banking on the internet and broadband is very patchy in the area and there are a huge number of people who don’t avail of banking on line.
He added that they were given a commitment that the Ulster Bank branch in Edgeworthstown is not going to close. “They said it was going very well and since the bypass was constructed there, banking has increased in the Edgeworthstown area.”
They also gave a commitment that they would liaise with local businesses in relation to the provision of ATM machines and other banking services in business in the town.
Fianna Fáil deputy Robert Troy said the only commitment that they gave at the meeting was that they were not going to change the closure decision and it would not be rescinded.
Deputy Troy said they then concentrated on having proper alternatives put in place for the discommoded customers and ensure that there are ATM facilities in the town. They also sought a commitment from the regional manager that the bank would speak to all the individual businesses and ascertain what supports could be put in place for them.
“It is very disappointing to think that a service and a facility that has had the support of Granard and the wider area for in excess of 140 years will no longer be there from the end of October. It just came down to the bottom line – profit and loss – it is more profitable for them as an organisation and a company to close the doors. I suppose they don’t have a sense of loyalty to the people who have been loyal to them for the last number of years, which is disappointing. The decision has been made and it is now important that the staff of Ulster Bank do engage with the people, to see how they can support them going forward,” he said.

Devastating news

Pascal Masterson, Masterson Electrical, said it was devastating news and the bank has been in the town for the past 145 years through thick and thin. He said they would be striving to get the banks to work with the post offices. He said that was discussed at the meeting and they said they had no facilities for that at present.
The chief executive of Kiernan Milling, Ciaran Nally, told The Anglo-Celt that his read on the situation after the meeting was that bank will close. 
“In the business I am looking after, we do a lot of online banking anyway but I can well understand the concerns of the people of Granard. When people leave this town to do their lodgements and their business, they will bring their business elsewhere and Granard will then suffer. That is shocking with the amount of empty buildings in town today. Take a few more out of it and it becomes a ghost town,” he remarked.
Kiernan Milling employs 60 people and with drivers on top of that, the figure is over 100 and a lot of them would be banking in Granard. “It is easier for them to take time out of their working day to come in here. Where will they go if they can’t come in here to do their banking? They will take their business elsewhere,” suggested Mr Nally. 
Local councillors, Michael Carrigy (FG) and PJ Reilly (FF) also expressed this disappointment that the branch closure is to go ahead. Cllr Reilly: “When we asked why Granard was selected (for closure) as a thriving business in the community, the reason they gave was that it was being serviced by Edgeworthstown, by Longford, Arva, Ballyjamesduff and there was a wide rural community there that could transfer to any branch.” 
When asked what alternative they were providing for Granard, they said that they were willing to research in regard to putting an ATM machine in the town. “We did request that the ATM be one of the modern one’s that would be able to take lodgements. They said they will negotiate with business people in the town to try to find a suitable location for an ATM machine,” he added.

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Gardai investigate Ballyduff Tiger kidnapping Gardai are appealing for information on a Tiger-style kidnapping and robbery in Ballyjamesduff that happened overnight.

The disturbing incident happened at around 1.45am this morning, when three masked men armed with handguns, entered a house at Lehery, Crosserlough. The owner of Centra in Ballyjamesduff, his brother and partner were tied up and taken to a disused quarry on the outskirts of Ballyjamesduff.

Before the three were taken to the quarry, one of the masked men threatened the business owner and took his keys and codes to the the Centra safe.

The shopowner, his brother and partner remained captive at the quarry for 20 minutes while one of the raiders robbed the safe, making off with a substantial amount of cash, thought to be in the region of tens of thousands of euro.

The three managed to free themselves around 3.45am. Gardai say the men spoke with Dublin accents, were wearing black, and had their faces covered with ski masks.

One of the men is described as having a slim build while the other two are described as being broad.

A technical examination of the shop, quarry and private home in Crosserlough is continuing and no one was seriously injured during the raid. The father of the shop owner was sleeping upstairs at the house at the time but wasn’t harmed during the ordeal.

Local councillor Paddy Smith said the community was "shocked and saddened" by the incident.

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Cootehill resident, who smothered elderly man with pillow, pleads guilty to manslaughter A man being tried for the murder of an elderly man in a psychiatric unit in Cavan General Hospital has changed his plea to guilty of manslaughter.

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Psychiatrist tells murder trial that defendant couldn't help himself A psychiatrist has told the trial of a man charged with murdering an elderly man in a psychiatric unit that the accused was unable to refrain from killing the deceased because of medication withdrawal.

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Family affair in Mullahoran final win Seamus Enright

Mullahoran ladies’ Intermediate Final win at the weekend took on an interesting slant for the victors. Not only did the team celebrate as team-mates but many did so as a family, too, with no fewer than nine members related to each other including a mother and her four daughters.
The winners defeated St Finbarrs 2-11 to 1-7 to claim the county title at Kingspan Breffni Park at the weekend.
As Monica Sheridan (51) lifted the cup, she was surrounded by her daughters: Louise, Mona, Geraldine and Aishling. “It was a great moment, a lovely moment. We all love our football here.”
Fellow team-mates and family members on the panel include two nieces Una Brady and Julie-Ann Sheridan, while Monica’s husband, Gerry, who trains the Cavan ladies team, also had two nieces on the team in Kate Smith and Laura Sheridan (all team family members above).
“There were a lot of nerves in the house that morning, running around looking for socks and I was trying to keep the peace,” says Monica, who admits being a 'mammy’ both on and off the pitch.
Monica, who has a long career of playing football for club and county, however intends on hanging up her boots after the Ulster Championship, which the Mullahoran ladies face next.
“There are some wonderful young footballers coming through in Mullahoran now. It’s their turn now. They’re a great team of girls with a bit of luck we can keep going a bit further in the rounds ahead.”

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Cavan to get skatepark in 12 months Paul Neilan

The council has received €80,000 for the construction of a skatepark in Cavan Town to be completed inside 12 months.
Cavan County Council received the money for the project under the Sports Capital Grants Programme announced last week, which distributed close to €700K in funding, primarily to GAA clubs for updating or developing facilities.
A “very happy” John Moore, the Cavan Town man behind the 'Cavan Skatepark Army’ page on Facebook, which has over 600 members, has long been campaigning for the facility, and is to sit down with the council to iron out the design and details but first he is looking for the support of local businesses.

“They [the council] have told me that they want me to deal with the skatepark companies and to go over designs and pick what best suits the kids of Cavan, I have already made contact with two of the companies and we are working on designs that will fit into the budget,” said Mr Moore.
“€80,000 is not much when it comes to building a skatepark but it is better than nothing. I have being contacting some local business to see if they would be interested in sponsoring the project so we can get a more realistic budget to work with - in the region of an extra €20,000.
“Don’t get me wrong now we can do something cool with €80,000 but we have to take into account newcomers that will be interested so that will change the plans a lot. If we make the park too easy the kids will progress really quickly and will lose interest in the park as it will have nothing to offer them.
“We have to satisfy the more experienced skaters as well, otherwise this whole thing could turn out to be a complete waste of time and money. I already have the design in my head, I just need these companies to get it done for our budget,” he said.

'Big difference’
John has practically been a one-man campaign from promotional fliers to surveys of interest, research to lobbying, he bore the cost out of his own pocket.
“For me it’s nothing to do with money, to me it’s an awesome way of life and I would do it all again with a smile on my face because I know for a fact that this skatepark will make a very big difference in the life of the kids of Cavan.
“This is happening now because of people who went out of their way to get it out: I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of my wife and family; Janey Quigley and her awesome kids - they spent their weekends walking around handing out flyers; The Anglo Celt for putting us in the paper where people can’t miss it, and then you have people like Paddy Connaughton [Cavan County Council] and Nadine McCormilla [Cavan Sports Partnership] who finally made it happen.
“It makes me happy to know that my kids will have this skatepark, I know now they will have a safe and friendly place where they can go and skate and hang with friends without getting into trouble out of pure boredom,” he said.

'Open letter’
“I would like to do one more thing for for this skatepark and that’s to get an open letter out there for all the local business, the local economy will feel the benefits, the local restaurants can do skatepark specials, the clothes shops can stock skating brands and footwear, the sports shops can stock decks, wheels and so on, they will also benefit from the kids not hanging around the town outside the shops,” he added.

A delighted County Chief Executive Ger Finn said the park should be skatable inside a year.
“The next stage of the process will be to sit down with interested parties to ensure that the design of the park is in line with the best in the country. Skate parks take many
forms from being above ground to being partially submerged.
“We will be organising a meeting in the near future, where anyone with an interest in the skate park can attend to discuss the design, et cetera. It is hoped that the project will be completed within twelve months and the council will fund ten per cent of the project. The Skate park will be insured by Irish Public Bodies,” he said.

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Council write letter to wish QBRC buyout well The elected members of Cavan County Council have supported a motion to write a letter to the consortium, called the Quinn Business Retention Company (QBRC), wishing them well in their endeavour to buy two key units of the manufacturing arm of the business called Aventas Group.

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Four due before court after Granard drug seizure Four males (28,29 33 & 33 years) will appear before Longford District Court later today charged in connection with the seizure of 118 cannabis plants with an approximate street value of €94,000 and one kilo of cannabis herb with an approximate street value of €20,000.

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'Heartbroken' Garth cancels all five gigs Garth Brooks has confirmed that all five Croke Park gigs have been cancelled after the Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan ruled that only three could be played at GAA HQ.

In a statement, Brooks said he is "heartbroken" and "crushed" but brings an end to almost two weeks of GarthGate, which will leave thousands of Cavan fans in a similar mood:

“I have always been advised to never send a message in ‘the moment’. It is said it is best to take a walk, wait awhile, and think about it. With that said, I just received the news the Irish council cannot change their earlier ruling to not allow the licences for all five shows.

"To say I am crushed is an understatement. All I see is my mother’s face and I hear her voice. She always said things happen for a reason and for the right reason. As hard as I try, I cannot see the light on this one. So it is with a broken heart, I announce the ticket refunds for the event will go as posted by Ticketmaster.

"I want to thank the Irish authorities for going the distance for all of us who wanted to share songs and dance together. I really want to thank all the people around the world that continued to think good thoughts that this would actually happen. Most of all, to Peter Aiken and those 400,000 people who believed enough to go through what they have been through to get to this point...

"I love you, always have, always will. I encourage any and all of them that can come see the show, at some point around the world, to bring your Irish flags and wave them proudly at the concerts. I will be looking for you... Garth."

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Deputy Humphreys is new Minister for Arts The Cavan-Monaghan constituency is to get its first serving Minister for the region in almost three years after Fine Gael Deputy Heather Humphreys was elevated from the back-benches to the position of Minister for Arts by Taoiseach Enda Kenny who announced his Cabinet re-shuffle in the Dáil.

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Two dead in latest Monaghan crash Gardai in Carrickmacross are investigating a two vehicle fatal road traffic collision that occurred on the N2 at Carrickmacross at approximately 11am this morning. It brings the death toll on Monaghan roads to four over the past seven days.

A male in his 60’s and a male in his late 50’s who were the drivers and sole occupants of the cars were fatally injured when their cars collided. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

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I will drop to my knees for those 400,000 - Garth Brooks Garth Brooks says that he will “crawl, swim, fly” to get to Ireland if he has to and “get on his knees to beg” Enda Kenny to “find a solution to GarthGate.
The Country megastar, who thousands of Cavan fans were thrilled to get tickets to, some queuing for days, says that up to ten days ago that he had no idea about licensing problems with two of the Croke park gigs and that he is “under a cloud right now”.
“We’re hoping that joy will eventually shine for anybody who likes Garth Brooks music.”
The controversy surrounding the five Dublin gigs featured heavily a press conference today in Nashville, where Brooks said he was unaware of licensing problems but that the Irish people should not be "embarrassed", as it was claimed by an Irish interviewer, but that he thought of the country as “home”.
The father of three said that he himself had no solution to the impasse which sees 160,000 people - the population of the two later gigs combined - go without tickets.
“I’ve never been treated like anything else other than a king by Ireland and its people,” he said.
“Up to ten days ago, two weeks ago, it was nothing but love... Then I got the call, ‘we’re okay on three, we’re going to have to figure out the other two...’
“I wish I could tell you I saw it coming, I didn’t.”
Garth says that he wanted to treat all of his fans fairly and that is always the way that Garth Brooks concerts have operated, he said:
“Now what do I do with 160,000 people and why are they treated differently than the 240,000 people and now so it’s just kind of put on my side?
“With a simple 'yes', you [the Irish government] can make 400,000 people happy!”
Remarking that the powers that be are not here, he said:
“Create your laws, create your guidelines but don’t sell a show to people and get their hopes up that you’re going to cancel... that’s not the way to treat people.”
Speaking directly to Enda Kenny, he said: “I will crawl, swim, I will fly over this weekend. I will drop onto my knees for those 400,000 people and beg.”

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Residents do U-turn on Garth Brooks gigs Croke Park residents have said in the past hour that they are now willing to facilitate the Garth Brooks gigs at the end of this month.

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Cabinet re-shuffle delayed yet again The eagerly-anticipated government Cabinet re-shuffle, expected to be announced yesterday, but delayed until today (Thursday, July 10), still might not be finalised within the next 24-hours and could run into next week.

The region hasn’t had a sitting Minister since the last Government, when Fianna Fail’s Brendan Smith served as Minister for Justice and Law Reform for three months at the start of 2011. What, then, of our local government deputies?

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Fatal road traffic accident in Castleblaney Gardaí are investigating a fatal road traffic collision which occurred on the N2 at Broomfield, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan today, July 9 at 1.30pm. The collision involved an SUV and a motorcyle. 

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Ticketmaster releases details for Brooks' ticket refund Ticketmaster has released details of how to get refunds to fans of Garth Brooks who bought tickets for any and all of his five cancelled concerts which were scheduled to take place at Croke Park later this month.

Almost 400,000 Brooks' fans were left disappointed yesterday when it was announced that the country and western star would be playing none of the shows planned for Dublin.

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Cavan resident acquitted of money laundering charges Two men, one of them a Cavan Town resident, accused of handling €45,550 in laundered money have been acquitted at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court by direction of the trial judge.

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Brother of Matt Carthy co-opted to Monaghan CoCo Sean McMahon
in Monaghan

Colm Carthy, the brother of newly elected Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy, was unanimously co-opted onto Monaghan Council Council to fill the vacant seat, created by the departure of Matt to Europe.
His co-option was proposed by Brian McKenna, SF, and this was seconded by Cllr Noel Keelan and he will represent the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney electoral area.
Cllr McKenna said Colm has been a member of the party for the past ten years and he said it gave him great pleasure to propose him.
Describing Colm as a very active community man, Cllr Keelan said he was also very active in the Sinn Féin party and he had no doubt that he will do an excellent job for the people of Carrickmacross-Castleblayney.
Following his co-option, the chairman of Monaghan County Council, Padraig McNally, officially welcomed Colm Carthy and congratulated him and his brother Matt.
Newly appointed Carthy said he was very honoured to accept the nomination on behalf of Sinn Féin to Monaghan County Council. “This is a new chapter in my life and indeed a daunting one. I know with the help of my colleagues in Sinn Féin, family and friends, it will be one that I will enjoy.”
He said his brother Matt was an extremely hard worker and has great belief in the people of Monaghan.
“The electoral District of Carrickmacross–Castleblayney gave him a huge mandate to fill a seat on this authority. They did so, knowing that there was a chance that he would also be elected to the European parliament,” he added.
“Our job in Sinn Féin and my responsibility as a councillor is to ensure that the people of South Monaghan and our entire county receive the representation and leadership that they have come to expect. I am up for that challenge,” said Cllr Carthy.
He added that he will seek to represent those ordinary families that have been let down by the elite.
“I want to bring forward proposals, ideas and suggestions to help create a better future for all our people. I want to be part of a new Ireland that does not force our young people to emigrate – that provides basic human rights like healthcare and education to all its citizens and that treats every man and woman and child equal, regardless of race or creed.
“I will try and learn the ropes as quickly as possible and I will try to emulate the work ethic of Matt Carthy, who I am replacing on this council and I look forward to the next few years.”
Cllr Carthy was also welcomed on board by the County Manager, Eugene Cummins, and numerous other members of the Council.

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BREAKING: Garth Brooks gigs cancelled, statement issued Aiken Promotions has released a statement saying it has confirmed the cancellation of all of the Garth Brooks gigs:
“It is with great regret that Aiken Promotions today announce that the five concert Garth Brooks comeback special event at Croke Park has been cancelled. No concerts will take place,” it said.
“The ticket return process will be outlined tomorrow.
“Aiken Promotions have exhausted all avenues regarding the staging of this event.
“We are very disappointed for the 400,000 fans who purchased tickets for The Garth Brooks comeback special event.”
Peter Aiken flew to the US this morning in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Brooks to go ahead with the three permitted concerts in Croke Park.
Mr Aiken left Ireland early this morning on a flight to the US, so that he could meet the country and western singer face-to-face.

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Manuscript launched this week charting history of OReilly clan A unique Irish manuscript relating to the history and genealogy of The O’Reilly clan from the Kingdom of Breifne – today the modern County Cavan – was launched in a limited edition of 225 copies in Belfast this week.

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Local LAbour rep delighted at Burton leadership Seamus Enright

Local Labour representative Mary Croke has said she is both delighted and proud, following Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton’s election as party leader earlier today.
The local election candidate said she hoped the change would see a return to “responsive, responsible grassroots politics”.
Minister Burton’s elevation comes after Deputy Eamonn Gilmore announced his decision to step down after the party’s poor performance in the European and Local Elections.
Junior Transport Minister Alan Kelly was elected as deputy leader and Ms Croke told The Anglo-Celt that not only did the change at the top strike a chord for equality in politics but it also had the potential to repair some of the damage inflicted upon the party, evidenced in recent opinion polls.
Ms Croke, voted for both for candidates for each position. “I hope this is the start of change within the party. There has been a lot of mistakes and, I hope, with this change of leadership the party will return to his grassroot policy of listening to people.”
The former Cavan-Belturbet area candidate still represents the party among the electorate at local level, and says that “people cannot take anymore austerity”.
Minister Burton herself promised to “focus relentlessly” on getting people and businesses back to work and to make Ireland a better place “for all it’s people, not just the wealthy and better off” and Ms Croke believes if such a policy is to succeed, it needs to begin by empowering rural economies first.
“We’re hearing about rising unemployment and homelessness. The problem there is, and it even happened under the Fianna Fail government where there was too much focus on building industry around urban areas, instead of bringing business away from those areas, to rural areas, where not only housing is cheaper but people quite often have a much better quality of life.”
After the landslide victory over her rival, Junior Health Minister Alex White, Minister Burton said she was proud shd has won the trust Labour members, adding that now now her job is to win the trust of the Irish people.
She became the 11th leader of the Labour Party and the first women to hold the position. Her involvement in politics stretches back four decades.
“The Labour party has always been a part of equality. I think this is not just a huge step for politics in Ireland, seeing her elected as party leader, but a huge step for the country. Its a great day for women and a great day for politics,” said Ms Croke, who opposed going into government with Fine Gael.
“After the last time the party went into government, they were decimated in the next General Election. I honestly think it will take about 10 years for Labour to get back again to where it once was and I think it can be done with Joan Burton as leader.
“I feel the party were too quick about getting into government, there were too many older members in power and maybe they felt this was their last chance. I think there will be major change come the cabinet reshuffle and it will see a lot of much younger deputies elected as Ministers.
“We have to get back to gaining the trust of the voters. We need to get back to meeting the people and listening to them”, she said.

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Two released in Kilnaleck death case Paul Neilan

The two people arrested and questioned in relation to the death of a woman in Kilnaleck last weekend have both been released. The two were being questioned in relation to the death of mother-of-one Antra Ozolina (49) who was found dead at her home in the village on Saturday (June 28). At first it was thought that she died by suicide but Garda investions led to the opening of a "full investigation", which does not rule out murder.

The woman was from Latvia and worked as a mushroom picker in nearby Breffni Mushroroms. The Celt understands that she was found with a length of rope around her neck but a subsequent post-mortem in Navan ruled out suicide.

One male and one female, both from eastern Europe, were arrested under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984 and released yesterday (Thursday, July 3) from Ballyconnell and Cavan garda stations. It is understood that the male, a Latvian, was on temporary release from an eastern European prison and recently moved into the area.

An incident room has been opened in Cavan Garda Station, which can be contacted on (049) 4368800 and investigations are ongoing.

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