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Vets find 17 gun pellets in stray dog's head after savage attack Having located 17 gunshot pellets in his head, and a growth in its brain, veterinary surgeons felt they had no other option but to put down a Belturbet stray which melted the hearts of tens of thousands of pet-lovers online.

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Lisa and Leona to Duke it out in the Ivy Leagues Paul Neilan

Golfing twins Lisa and Leona Maguire (17) are off to the US on a prestigious scholarship from an Ivy League college after their Leaving Cert results on Wednesday (August 13).

The Ballyconnell girls, who have long made waves on the international golf scene, will jet out to Duke University in North Carolina tomorrow (Friday, August 15) on a scholarship from the top collegiate golfing team in America.
Delighted mother Breda told The Anglo-Celt:
“Declan and I are absolutely thrilled because they both worked so hard, we’re delighted that the work has paid off.”
Lisa earned 600 points and Leona 615 in a year that saw the girls put golf second to concentrate on their studies.
“They go on a scholarship to Duke to pursue their academic studies, play collegiate golf and leave tomorrow for their first semester, taking their Leaving Certs with them. Duke is number one for collegiate golf and has a great golf team while also being an Ivy League, which would have the highest academic standards.
“We’re very grateful for all the support we received from Loreto, from former principal Margaret Donagh, Principal Angela McGarvey for the last seven years in which they were allowed to pursue their studies in Loreto and in golf as well, thanks to them and to all the teachers for their support.”

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Carrigallen miracle mule produces a foal Generally considered to be sterile, a Carrigallen mule has given birth to a rare foal - known as a ‘molly’. 

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HSE silenced on baby death report The HSE has been temporarily prevented from publishing a report following the investigation into the death of a baby boy, following child birth at Cavan General Hospital in November 2012.

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Schools pleased Leaving Cert results out today Early indications are that the local schools are pleased with their Leaving Certs scores as more than 1,600 students in Cavan and Monaghan opened their exams results this morning. 

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‘No evidence’ that fracking is safe – Love Leitrim rally told
Armed with a report by New York health professionals, an American anti-frack activist visited Cavan last week to deliver the message that there is no safe way to frack, and that community campaigns can work.

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Pressure now on Minister White after fracking test borehole rejected - Carthy The decision by the North's environment minister to deny a fracking company permission to drill a test borehole has now placed pressure on the Minister Alex White to put on record his position on fracking, according to a Sinn Féin MEP.

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Council refuse permission to wind turbine Cavan County Council has refused permission to a Cavan couple seeing to erect a single 80-metre high wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 82m, along with associated site works at Mountain Lodge in the east of the county.

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Russia food ban to ‘benefit no one’ - Lakeland chief While the agri-import ban introduced by Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to affect Ireland to the tune of just €8m, Lakeland Dairies CEO says the greatest issue will arise when EU food markets are flooded with cut-price surplus goods.

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Taste of Cavan feeds 40,000 Over 40,000 people flocked to County Cavan throughout the week-long programme of events as part of the Taste of Cavan Festival 2014 to officially make it one of the leading food exhibitions in the country.

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Durkan refuses Tamboran permission to drill borehole Anti-fracking campaigners have welcomed the decision by the North's Minister for the Environment to reject Tamboran’s proposals for exploratory drilling in the Cleggan Quarry in Belcoo.

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Pre-war menu offers food for thought Macarons... who knew they were so magnificent? Well, okay, I’m sure plenty of people did, and do, and perhaps I’ve been living in the dark all these years.

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No date for meter installation in region Homeowners in the Cavan-Monaghan region will be billed for water from January 2015, even though the meters have yet to be installed and no indication has been given as to how long the charges will remain, Irish Water have confirmed.

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Car show in memory of tragic Clones teen A car show will be held in memory of a Clones teenager who tragically died in a car accident.

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Lotto win collected by mystery Cavan man A lucky young man from Cavan Town collected a cheque for €350,000 today at National Lottery offices in Dublin. 

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Former Anglo directors given community service Two former directors of Anglo Irish Bank have been ordered to carry out 240 hours of community service for engaging in an illegal share support scheme.

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Rustlers target dairy heifers in Newbliss raid Damian McCarney

Cattle-rustlers stooped to a new low as they targeted 17 young dairy stock in a raid on a Newbliss farm last week.
The thieves struck at David Hall’s 10-acre farm, beside Killeevan Church of Ireland, a few miles from his Lissarley home, on the outskirts of Newbliss village.
Between David checking on his livestock at about 5pm on Tuesday afternoon and again at lunchtime on Wednesday the gang made off with 13 heifers and four bulls, mostly Jersey-Friesian crosses, and one Friesian-Hereford cross.
“I’m still kind of numbed, or stunned,” said David. “Angry, I suppose; completely shocked. I knew there was a risk of beef animals being stolen and slaughtered and processed immediately, but I never dreamt of young stock like that being a target.”
Gardaí from Monaghan attended the scene. Judging by wheel marks, David speculates that it was a truck rather than jeep and trailer which took them.
The rustlers cut fencing, which had cordoned off on a derelict house on the property, and turned a courtyard into an improvised loading bay. They discarded gates, also used to load the livestock, which didn’t belong to the Halls.
“Probably someone else around the country has gates missing,” he said.

David, who has been farming full-time for 10 years, and part-time a for further decade, has never been targeted by thieves before, and neither have his close neighbours.
“Not in the immediate area [have there been attacks], once you go five or six miles way from here, there’s been a few attacks but, again, [they were] all beef animals or older animals which would have been able to be slaughtered and processed - not wee small things like this.”
The loss will definitely be felt by David.
“Market value would be quite low, but the cost to me would probably be about €600 a head for the females alone because they are worth about €300 from when they are born. The bulls would be about half that.
“[I] calved them, got them reared safely and avoided all the pitfalls at that stage and had them out to grass and they were thriving well and starting to look like they were growing into something.”
While many dairy farmers are planning to expand with the end of quotas next spring, David will have to forge a recovery plan from this theft.

“They are my own stock, I reared them all from birth and they were only about six months old.
“I was keeping them for replacements, but I also would have had a surplus probably in two years’ time. I would have been keeping extras if the opportunity became available, or for selling on,” explained father-of-three David.
“I suppose I’ll probably try to manage with a few less for the next season or whatever - I know I don’t have the money to go out and replace them at the moment - that isn’t an option.”
The farm is close to the main road but there are no houses overlooking the property, and a country lane running nearby would seldom have vehicles on it at night time. The land was mostly used for silage, but a section of steep land was used for grazing. David is reluctant to have livestock on that field again.
“Yes, I don’t know what sort of animal you would put in that would be safe... I suppose it would make you very wary.”

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Almost €100K of cannabis found in woods Almost €100K in cannabis was found in a wood near Cootehill yesterday (July 29).

Gardai seized an estimated €96,000 worth of the plant after a planned search of the area yesterday at around 3pm at Drumgill townland, reports Northern Sound radio.

Some 120 plants, at various stages of growth, were discovered in a make-shift plastic tunnel. Heat lamps and drug paraphernalia were also discovered.

The scene was technically examined and samples have been sent to the forensic labs at Garda Headquarters for analysis but no arrests have yet been made.

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Shatter launches legal challenge over Guerin report The former minister for justice, Alan Shatter, has begun legal challenge aimed at quashing some findings of the Guerin report over Mr Shatter’s handling of claims by Garda whistleblower and Cavanman Maurice McCabe.

Mr Shatter alleges 'objective bias, absence of fair procedures' and 'indecent haste' against senior counsel Sean Guerin about how he compiled his report, which was critical of the then minister.

Mr Shatter resigned following publication of the report in May, in which his handling of Sgt McCabe’s claims of garda malpractice was strongly criticised.

Mr Shatter says he should have been interviewed before the report reached his conclusions because it affected his career and reputation.

Had he been interviewed, Mr Shatter said that would have shown he had not deferred to the former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan’s view about the allegations by Sgt McCabe.

In the High Court this morning, reports The Irish Times, Patrick O’Reilly SC, for Mr Shatter, secured leave to bring a judicial review against Mr Guerin for orders quashing various findings in the report.

Among various claims, it is alleged the report was compiled in breach of principles of natural and constitutional justice and fair procedures. He has also alleged objective bias on the part of Mr Guerin.

It is also alleged, the terms of reference for the report did not entitle Mr Guerin to reach the conclusions he had and that there was failure to consider all the relevant documents, including documents from Mr Shatter and the Garda ombudsman's office.

It is alleged Mr Guerin regarded himself as bound by a fixed eight-week time limit and he should have, but failed, to take the additional time necessary for the report. It is alleged “indecent haste” in concluding the report led to errors, including alleged failure to fully engage with the process.

Mr O’Reilly said his side was also exhibiting legal advices given to the Attorney General which were given to Mr Guerin. These were not brought to Mr Shatter’s attention until after the report was concluded, Mr O’Reilly said.

Mountnugent man Sgt McCabe blew the whistle on the gardai's handling of a number of cases, including abduction, assault and a murder, that related to his time working in the Cavan-Monaghan Garda District.

Mr Shatter's case will not appear in the High Court again before October.

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Staff shortages, low morale could see industrial action at hospital Nurses and midwives at Cavan General Hospital could be balloted for industrial action over staff shortages next month if union chiefs give the go-ahead.
The move follows a series of meetings held between INMO (Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation) reps and senior hospital management in recent weeks, where concerns were expressed in relation to shortages in various areas of the hospital, including the Accident and Emergency Departments, Surgical and Medical.
Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of seeking permission to ballot for industrial action at the hospital and INMO chiefs say if low morale and an ever-increasing workload continues, it will have a serious, adverse affect on the level of patient care locally delivered.
Regional representative for the INMO in Cavan/Monaghan Tony Fitzpatrick has now submitted that request and is expecting a response “in the coming weeks”.
“The members voted in response to the level of short staffing being felt in Cavan, mainly in the Emergency Departments, Surgical 1 and 2, and Medical 1 and 2. But there are concerns from elsewhere in the hospital, too and we’ve written to management advising them of that,” he said.
“Our concerns are in relation to the well-being of our members, and we’ve highlighted to management that they have obligations to deal with this under the Health and Safety, and Welfare in Work Act to ensure a safe place of work for our members.”
Mr Fitzpatrick says members have reported becoming unwell as a direct result of the increased workload being placed on them. “They’re saying on their off-days, their down-time, they’re anxious about returning to work. That’s not right, that’s a serious situation.
“It’s very simple. If you reduce the number of nurses working with a cohort of patients it will, of course, negatively impact on the level of care being delivered. It means the patient might not get their medicines on time, that there’s an increased risk of falls, or an increased risk of post-op infection. “All of these are problems and the staff are saying at Cavan General Hospital that this is the reality of the current environment because they don’t have enough staff,” he said.

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€6.7M multi-storey “could be described as worthless”
The multi-storey ‘white elephant’ in Cavan Town, which is to be bought for around €6.7M next year, could be described as “worthless”, according to property insiders.

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‘City boy who embraced rural life’ - family The family of the local man Fran McKeon (58), who died tragically following a climbing accident in the Galway mountains at the weekend have said his finest tribute is in “all the wonderful people he knew”, and who have rallied by them at this difficult time.

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‘Doonaree’ composer to be remembered A commemorative plaque, in honour of local woman Eilis (Farrelly) Boland, who penned the song ‘Doonaree’ which went on to be sung by international stars such as Ruby Murray and Vera Lynn is to be unveiled next week.

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Turf wars continue on conserved South Cavan bog Some fifty people have continued to exercise their ‘traditional right’ to cut turf on their bank Clareisland Moneybeg bog on the Cavan-Westmeath border - despite its designation as a Special Area of Conservation (SPA). 

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